For this appointment, this client is (< 70 years of age) has been screened by us and has been advised to cancel their appointment if any one of the following is applicable. • severe respiratory conditions such as cystic fibrosis and severe chronic bronchitis (COPD) • Chronic heart conditions • Type 1 diabetes • Serious kidney disorders that lead to dialysis or kidney transplant • Auto-immune disease with medication that lead to suppressed immune systems • Suppressed immune systems through Metabolic syndrome • immune disorder either innate or by ageing • Suppressed immune systems through any blood diseases • Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy • After organ transplantation • Pregnant women • BMI above 40 • HIV positive. Source RIVM - The Netherlands
  • Datumnotatie:DD dash MM dash JJJJ
  • name and/or name of company
  • Input client name or number with potentially fever determination, The current body temperature should also be recorded at this stage.
    If anyone presents being able to answer “yes” to the above questions, the client must immediately vacate the building and contact their GP. If the client is not feeling well enough to leave or is unwilling to leave, they should be isolated directly and the national health service should be contacted.